Become a Studio Enterprise

The Social Startup Studio seeks expressions of interest from ventures that are:

  • A social enterprise: with a primary strategic goal of addressing a social (or environmental) problem via a trading business model.
  • Early stage: anywhere in their journey from idea* to the point at which there is a solid and sustainable business model. This will generally be between zero and five years … but it is more about where the enterprise is at than how long its has been going.
    *We don't expect you to have it all figured out, but we do need you to have a clear and workable plan for your potential enterprise.
  • Ready and willing to flex their ‘adaptive muscle’: comfortable with a process that is reflective and adaptive, challenging and non-linear.
  • Comfortable participating in knowledge generation and capture: an important part of The Studio is to build the evidence base to progress social enterprise practice. The Studio simultaneously supports early-stage social enterprises and undertakes research, which we then share publicly and freely to grow the social enterprise sector. As such, when enterprises join The Studio, they also agree to be a research participant.
  • Able to commit resources: as a guide, we suggest that Studio Enterprises allow at least two days per week to work on their Social Enterprise, but we also understand that this may vary over time and with other commitments. We also ask all Studio Enterprises to make a small financial contribution towards the cost of their support (see Studio FAQ).

Express your interest in joining The Studio via the Connect with The Studio page. One of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss becoming a Studio Enterprise.