Meet The Aviate Enterprises

Read about some of the social enterprises participating in Aviate below:

Assembled Threads

Ethical clothing brand.

Driven by the dual purpose of socially and environmentally conscious essential apparel, Danielle Heaven and Edwina Walsh have established the ethical clothing brand and social enterprise, Assembled Threads.

The global apparel industry has huge social and environmental costs, supplying cheap, trend-driven and mass-produced fast fashion that is manufactured by workers who are often not afforded the same employment protections and conditions as in Australia. Additionally, although there has been a concerted effort by Government to end the exploitation of local workers, this continues to occur in the local manufacturing industry with a lack of supply chain transparency, and through hiring skilled workers with a limited knowledge of their rights.

Enter Assembled Threads. With their mantra of ‘People + Planet = Purpose’, Danielle and Edwina envision an employment-based social enterprise, hiring people facing barriers to employment to ethically manufacture apparel from locally sourced and sustainable materials, with a transparent supply chain. 

Assembled Threads signed up to The Studio towards the end of 2019, and have been embracing the iterative process for social enterprise planning and development.


Affordable funerals for African Australians.

Peter Uzande, Mellary Chigwada and Victor Mphande from the African Australian Welfare Bureau Inc. started a project to provide culturally appropriate and affordable funerals for African Australians.

Currently, the funeral industry in Australia is rigid and expensive and does not offer services that honour African rituals or meet the diverse needs of African Australians. This means that African Australians using standard funeral services cannot make empowered and culturally relevant decisions to respect and appropriately grieve their loved ones. Peter, Mel and Victor set out to create a social enterprise to disrupt this standard service; enable informed and culturally appropriate decision making throughout the entire funeral process; and offer solutions to allow African Australians to follow their customs and rituals in the Australian context.

Peter, Mel and Victor joined The Studio in late 2019 to work through the problem-solution fit of their idea and receive support around the governance practicalities of startup social enterprise.

Better Life Mobile 

Ethical telco. 

Founded by Russel Barnes and Adrian Panozzo in 2012, Better Life Mobile is an Australian-based ethical telco social enterprise. They are on a mission to provide Australians with access to fair, sustainable and affordable sim-only mobile phone plans.

Mobile phones are essential in today’s world. You use your phone to call family and friends, access banking, government and healthcare services, and to stay informed. Yet Australians who are digitally excluded and/or face entrenched disadvantage, like homelessness or financial stress, struggle to stay connected or afford traditional phone plans. Better Life Mobile set out to make it as easy as possible for those facing disadvantage to keep connected in the digital world. Along with affordable, contract-free phone plans, they also provide Australian-based phone and email support to help customers navigate digital connection and offer a referral and directory service for those who need specific community assistance. 

Better Life Mobile joined The Studio in late 2019 with a goal to reach more Australians who need support to stay connected.

Humble Sampler

Co-working, kitchen incubator.

Sherona Parkinson has been developing her co-working, kitchen incubator and social enterprise, Humble Sampler, since November 2018.

Establishing a food business can be a challenging and expensive process, one which is often more difficult for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Recognising that there are many people who lack the capital and support to progress their food business, her vision is to provide affordable and reliable access to commercial kitchens; wraparound support and networking; and a space for education and social connection. Operating on a co-working, kitchen incubator concept, Humble Sampler will assist small-scale food entrepreneurs to test their model, grow their business, and thrive in Melbourne’s vibrant food scene.

Sherona joined The Studio in the second half of 2019 with the aim to further develop her business model and strategy. She is currently looking to establish a kitchen pilot.