About The Aviate Program

The Studio’s Aviate Program offers tailored support to help build impactful and sustainable social enterprises. You can apply for Aviate at the end of this page. 

What is Aviate?

Aviate is a support program for early-stage social enterprises. Our approach reflects the social entrepreneurship journey; it is a non-linear, supportive, adaptive and iterative method to help build impact and sustainable social enterprises. That means that support responds to and is designed around the needs of each social enterprise and the stage of its journey. 

The Aviate program has four broad stages: Foundation, Modelling, Detailing and Construction. Upon joining, social enterprises will work with the Studio to assess which stage they are at (you can join anywhere along the path). 

Each stage has guiding questions that sum up the focus of that stage. Through the process of answering each question, you will develop a series of documents or artefacts that support your social enterprise journey. The pace and order of progression through each stage will vary for each social enterprise – we don’t set any time limits and instead focus on progress. 

Ultimately, the end goal of the Aviate Program is to help build impactful and sustainable social enterprises. However, exiting from Aviate isn’t driven by time or finishing all the stages; it occurs if we jointly agree that the opportunity isn’t realised, or it’s no longer progressing in the program, or you just don’t need us anymore! 

Who is Aviate for?

We seek applications to join The Aviate Program from ventures that are:

  • A social enterprise: with a primary strategic goal of addressing a social (or environmental) problem via a trading business model.    See our Fundamentals video on this if you’re not sure.
  • Early stage: anywhere in the journey from an identified opportunity or idea right through to the point of having a clear plan to build (and fund) a social enterprise that is impactful and sustainable. This will generally be between zero and five years … but it is more about the stage that the enterprise is at rather than how long it has taken
  • Ready and willing to flex their ‘adaptive muscle’: comfortable with a process that is reflective and adaptive, challenging and non-linear.
  • Comfortable participating in knowledge generation and capture: when enterprises join Aviate, they also agree to be a research participant in The Studio’s research program. The Studio is committed to building and sharing social enterprise knowledge publicly and freely.
  • Able to commit resources: as a guide, we suggest that Aviate Enterprises allow at least two days per week to work on building their social enterprise. We also ask all Aviate Enterprises to make a small financial contribution towards the cost of their support (see our FAQ).

What is the application process?

The Aviate Program follows on from the Social Enterprise Fundamentals, and we recommend you are familiar with the Fundamentals before you apply.

Are there application deadlines?

No, however we are a small team and can only support so many social enterprises at any time. So, if you think you’re ready to apply for Aviate, we reccommend you apply as soon as you’re able. Your application doesn’t have to be perfect and we’re here to answer any questions. 

   How can I apply?

   Click the button below to start your Aviate journey. 

   The application form is an online survey and should take up to 30 minutes when you have all of your information ready. You will need:

  • Your contact details and those of any co-founders
  • Business details like ABN, if available
  • Details of the social problem your enterprise addresses