About The Aviate Program

The Studio’s Aviate Program offers tailored support to help build impactful and sustainable social enterprises. An important aspect of Aviate is that support responds to and is designed around the needs of each social enterprise – there are no cookie-cutters here!

Aviate follows on from the Social Enterprise Fundamentals and you are required to have completed Fundamentals before you apply. You can apply for Aviate at the end of this page. 

How the Aviate application process works

Who is Aviate for?

We seek applications to join The Aviate Program from ventures that are:

see our Fundamentals video on this if you’re not sure

Our Approach

Our approach reflects the social entrepreneurship journey; it is a non-linear, supportive, adaptive and iterative method to social help build impactful and sustainable social enterprises.

The Aviate Program has four broad stages, each of which has a number of elements. Upon joining, Aviate Enterprises work with The Studio to assess what stage they are at and the elements that are already in place (you can join anywhere along the path).

The rate and order of progression varies for each Aviate Enterprise. The pace that Aviate Enterprises move through the stages will vary – we don’t set a time limit, but progress is important.  It’s critical that all the hard work gets participants closer toward realising an impactful and sustainable social enterprise. Aviate exit isn’t driven by time; it occurs if we jointly agree that the opportunity can’t be realised or if it’s not progressing

How to Apply

If you’re interested in applying to join The Aviate Program you need to first complete the Social Enterprise Fundamentals. Your Fundamentals Workbook will make up some of your application.