Everything we do in the Social Startup Studio is guided by our Studio Principles. These Principles are informed by our and others research, drawing on the expertise of practitioners and the emerging knowledge base of social enterprise as a relatively new way of creating social impact.

Hybridity is key

Social enterprises are hybrid organisations – they use commercial approaches to achieve social goals. This creates opportunities but also results in tensions and challenges that non-hybrid organisations don’t experience. The Studio Approach recognises these unique challenges; providing support that is specifically designed for social enterprise.

Strategy as practice

Business strategy and planning don’t ever stop. It’s a process of planning, doing, learning, adjusting – and repeat. We guide you towards reflective and adaptive ways of doing because those skills are essential for impactful and sustainable social enterprises.

With, not for

Nobody can build and run an impactful and sustainable social enterprise alone. In The Studio, building that community of collaboration and support starts early. The Studio Team guides, critiques and advises; but we are not consultants – we work with social enterprises (not for them) to build resilient, learning organisations


The Studio uses evidence from research and practice to inform our ways of working. At the same time, we hope to share what we learn working with social enterprises in The Studio to build the sector-wide knowledge about how to build impactful and sustainable social enterprises.

Open knowledge

As we work to build impactful and sustainable social enterprises we are also undertaking research, so we can gather and share knowledge publicly and freely about how to build impactful and sustainable social enterprises. A formal research program and a commitment to openly sharing our findings sets The Studio apart, and we are proud of it!