About the Social Enterprise Fundamentals

The Social Enterprise Fundamentals are a set of resources that provide the ‘nuts and bolts’ of social enterprise. They have been designed to provide the information needed before starting a social enterprise – and they are free to access!

The Social Enterprise Fundamentals have been developed with generous support from the Victorian Government as part of their Skills Development Program for Social Enterprises. 


How the Social Enterprise Fundamentals work:

The Social Enterprise Fundamentals consists of four key topics and a downloadable Workbook with important exercises and tools.

    • Each topic includes:

      ◦ A series of short videos that cover the basics of each topic
      ◦ Related exercises and tools in the workbook
      ◦ Additional links, information and resources

    • We suggest you watch the videos for a topic and then complete the relevant Workbook pages
    • You can then register to join an online workshop about that topic, which is delivered in small groups, via Zoom
    • The workshops will build on the content of the videos and the workbook exercises – you will be guided to apply your new knowledge and have the opportunity to ask questions

Once you have completed all four Social Enterprise Fundamentals topics there is the opportunity to apply to join the Aviate Program, to help build an impactful and sustainable social enterprise and get it off the ground.

As you work through the videos, we will refer to practical exercises in your Social Enterprise Fundamentals Workbook – a downloadable PDF Workbook. Think of the Workbook as a living document – it’s a tool to develop your social enterprise idea that will change as you gather more information. Download your Workbook below.

The Social Enterprise Fundamentals Workbook also forms part of your application to the Aviate Program.

Click here to start the Topic 1 Social Enterprise Fundamentals.